Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wedding Album

I wanted to post a few spreads from Jodi & James' wedding album that I finished designing this weekend.


Dawn B said...

Hey Dawn,

I found your site by checking out Mary Marantz's blog. Your pictures are awesome! I'm just starting into photography (never done any sessions, etc.), but I hope to get it going in the very near future. Maybe the NAME caught my eye when I saw your link! Ha Hope you can reply back!

Dawn B

AlliJean said...

Great Job! I can't wait to see the album.

Mary Marantz said...

awesome!! LOVE that series of their first look!!

jmodica said...

The anticipation! I can't wait to see the full album when it arrives! :)

Dawn McKinstry said...

Mary and Alli,
Thanks for the compliments! I wish I could take more credit for their first look, but the groom's expression is priceless and really "makes" the series. I just put them together. ;)