Saturday, November 22, 2008

Erin & Billy

I headed out to St. Augustine under comfortably chilly, but clear skies. But by the time I parked it was much cooler and windy at the coast. It seems the only times I'm in St. Augustine I'm either sweating to death, or freezing. Today, I was freezing.

However, Erin and Billy were so much fun that I soon warmed up walking ALL over St. Augustine for their engagement session.

I know that Erin will be checking for some images from the session, so here are just a few of the many favorites that I have so far.

You guys are a beautiful couple...

...and so cute in love.

This spot holds special significance to them. St. Augustine is special since Billy asked Erin to marry him here, but it's also where they went on their first date. This table specifically...

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jmodica said...

Absolutely adorable! They are the cutest couple. I love the pictures with the water behind them, the sky looked gorgeous too! And St. Augustine is the best town, but of course I am bias ;).