Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's finally done! My surprise from a few weeks ago (that caused oh so much confusion, but was quite funny) can finally be revealed!
Ta da!

My logo is done!

And I love it!

**Edit to add: The logo was designed by Angelina Toomey. She can be reached at and if you'd like to contact her.**


Jon Barmore said...

But what does this new logo have to do with you being pregnant??

OOOHHHH that's right, that wasn't the correct answer, sorry.

Nice logo. I get it too... Dawn=dawn

So when are you retiring for full time photography, touring Paris/Milan/Prague, and driving your solid gold Cadillac?

Dawn McKinstry said...

Well, the cadillac is in the shop (gettn' some upgrades), so it'll be a while...

Jodi said...

Oh no...we are revisiting the pregnancy confusion. That must have been awkward. But your new logo looks fab, love it!! And you!

Dawn McKinstry said...

...awkward, but funny. thanks girl!