Monday, May 12, 2008


Occasionally my sister and I take turns watching each other's dogs when we go out of town or on vacation. We don't really mind because our dogs are sisters and they really enjoy being together, generally. Last weekend Bumble came over for a visit, and she really enjoyed her time in the country.


Bumble's mom/Jodi said...

I love the second picture, that is a classic "Bumble caught doing something she shouldn't be doing" face! The sisters look like they enjoy hanging out!

Mary Beth Tyson Photography said...

I want to move out of my apartment and into the country so I can have dogs!! :-( I'm jealous!

So cute!

Kevin Stover said...

Nice shots! I love the almost surreal look to some of the shots. Gotta love that bokeh!

Dawn McKinstry said...

Thanks Kevin! Those are au natural. Just a little bit of color tweaking and vingetting in Lightroom. And that's it!
We're really blessed with some nice light almost every night here at the house. It might be the way the house sits at the top of a small hill. I don't know for sure, but I love it!