Friday, May 30, 2008


Lately, during my "free" weekends I've been helping my sister plan her upcoming wedding in St. Augustine. Since I just got married in November, this feels so much more relaxed - since it's not my wedding ;), and all I'm obligated to do is give my opinion and advice here and there (soo much less stressful).

One day we were talking about details that she still needed to do and needed to think about. I brought up that she needed to think about a guestbook for people to sign and provide well-wishes. I mentioned that I could design a photo guestbook for a personalized alternative to the standard store-bought book. I must say, I really like it! Check out the result:

July 19, 2008
By Dawn McKinstry Ph...

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Jodi said...

I can't wait to see it when it arrives! It looked awesome on the computer! Thanks for all your help, advice, and creativeness!