Friday, February 22, 2008

New Tractor

Well... it's new to us at least.

So, it's been my husband's dream to own a tractor. Ever since he worked on his uncle's farm when he was young, he's wanted to own his own tractor. He finally found one. And it's his new toy. He often takes it down the driveway to go get the mail.

In case you wanted to know, it's a 1976 Farmall 140 High Crop.


Bill said...

Thanks for putting the pictures of the Farmall on your blog. I can now send people to your blog to see the tractor. Needless to say the McKinstry family loves there little red high crop Farmall. This will be my first restoration project.

mary beth tyson said...

Oh my gosh! Billy got a tractor - Ryan will be so jealous!

Great imges.