Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Last weekend we got together to celebrate the February birthdays in my family. My mom and her fiance came up from Lakeland to visit my sister and I in the Gainesville area. Out of the six of us, my husband is the only one that isn't born in February. But don't worry. He shares August with the rest of my family (except my uncle, who is the odd-ball in November).

We spent some time in Alachua (and took some engagement pictures of my sister and her fiance James, and tried to get a few of my mom and Danny, but they weren't very willing subjects - keep an eye out for these). And stopped by Lacrosse at the largest live oak in Florida. Bill and I visited it last summer
( Needless to say, this visit was a bit more comfortable, since it wasn't 100+ degrees out.

Here's just a few of my favorites already of the short engagement session with Jodi and James.

They were laughing at me here because earlier in the day, James had said that he felt like he was in Austin Powers where he starts yelling at the models "yes, yes, YES! NO! NO!" So I started doing that here, and they just lost it.

And here's the famous family head tilt. Jodi and I aren't really sure why we do this, but we both do it, and it's usually subconscious. But it's still one of my favorite portraits of the day of her.


Anonymous said...

OK, so I am biased, but I love the pictures. You really made us laugh with the Austin Powers dialogue...and I can't wait to see all the pictures. And of course my head automatically tilts whenever a camera gets is a strange twin thing! I am looking forward to more fabulous pictures in Lakeland!

mary beth tyson said...

So Cute!

a.lane said...

Dawn- these pics are awesome. I am a friend of Jodi's and checked out your site. I am a blogger too. I would be glad add your link to my blog to throw some traffic your way maybe (although i am not getting as much traffic as i used too). Anyway- great photos and best of luck with your photography business.

Dawn McKinstry said...

a.lane - I like your blog ( Such helpful info, and good deals. Thanks for the link, I appreciate it!