Saturday, October 4, 2008


While editing Lori and Justin's engagement session tonight, I ran across this series. I love when some dog's personalities show through, and I thought it was funny when Cole noticed the beeping and clicking of my camera. Please bear with me while I narrate...

"I'm having so much fun playing with my friends..."

"...wait a minute... I hear beeping..."

"...and now there's clicking..."

"...what is that?!?"


Jodi said...

Awww...that is both cute and funny at the same time. Love it! He is such a cool dog!

AlliJean said...

lol! i can't take more than one photo of ruby at a time because she hears the noise of my camera and launches herself at it! Maybe you should come and do a photo shoot with her!

Dawn McKinstry said...

Alli: I would love to! And what you don't know is that I was laying on the ground later in the shoot, getting pictures of Lori, Justin, and all 3 dogs, when their golden retriever broke off from the pack and ran toward me. Of course, I'm looking through the camera so I don't see that he's actually running to me, and next thing I know he hits me and the camera. So I have one photo that's all orange. He was pretty proud of himself. :)

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Nice! Love it.