Thursday, July 24, 2008


As I checked my email this afternoon I noticed a new message that started:

"Congrats on your wedding!"

Turns out, the email was from Kelly Anderson of Startup Princess website. Startup Princess is an international network for women entrepreneurs to learn and support one another.

I'm listed as their Feature Comment for today, for a comment I left about shooting Jodi and James' wedding! Check it out here. I'm very honored to be featured. And I do feel very relieved that my twin sister's wedding photography went smoothly, since I served as Matron of Honor, photographer, schedule keeper, etc. I hope that it was as beautiful and fun as she had hoped, it sure seemed effortlessly perfect to the rest of us.


Tim said...

Hey Dawn,

You are so talented. Bring your camera the next time you come this way and we would love for you to do some shots of the family. It was great to see you at Jodi's wedding. Love you - Tim

Dawn McKinstry said...

Pastor Tim - Absolutely! I'd be honored.